Damian Eads

Damian Eads completed his PhD in Computer Science in 2011 under Professor David Helmbold where he developed new boosting algorithms for object localization. He is now a postdoctoral scholar in the Machine Intelligence Laboratory at Cambridge University.   His dissertation work theoretically and empirically explored new boosting algorithms for combining ensembles of object detectors.  Mr. Eads was previously  employed with the Los Alamos National Laboratory,  working for the Intelligent Searching of Imagesand Signals (ISIS) team. His software has been licensed to, and commercialized by, several companies. In his spare time, he maintains many open source software packages for scientific computing.

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Awards - Other Information: 
University of California Regents Graduate Fellowship (summer 2010) Los Alamos Institute for Scalable Scientific Data Management (ISSDM) Graduate Fellowship (2006-2010) LANL 2005 Distinguished Copyright of the Year Award (03/2006), Genie Pro LANL 2006 Distinguished Copyright of the Year Award (04/2007), Genie Pro LANL Copyright Honorable Mention (05/2008), Sparse Image Format (SIF) LANL Nonproliferation and International Security Scholarship (09/2003)