End-of-Year Mentor Meetings

ISSDM Collaborative Research Program (CRP)

Welcome to the online Mentor Meeting Scheduler! 

I hope the online Scheduling Form will make  scheduling mentor meetings easier and  more efficient; it seemed to work quite well for the Spring Mentor Meetings.   I encourage you to share your feedback on the success or any problems that you encounter with this new process.

For the End-of-Year Mentor Meetings, we are scheduling meetings throughout June.  Carolyn Connor  can attend all the meetings, however, Gary Grider is only available 4 days at the very beginning and end of the month (June 1,3,22,23).  If Gary is one of your primary mentors and you are not able to meet on the days he is available, please let me know and we'll look for possible alternative dates later in the summer.

How this will work:  Each project team member (mentor, faculty, student) completes and submits a scheduling form.  The scheduler (me) will review the submittals and schedule each team a time slot based on their responses and  overlapping availability.  The scheduler will then notify CRP team members by email of their Mentor Meeting time slot.

If unable to find a common time, we will proceed to a second attempt at scheduling with a second selection of time slots. The selections of time slots are ultimately determined by the availability of ISSDM-LANL Director Grider and/or Deputy Director Connor.

Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions or concerns.