Mentor Meeting Preparation Guidelines

Collaborative Research Program (CRP) Quarterly ISSDM Student Mentor Meetings

Frequency:   Although collaborative project teams are encouraged to meet and interact frequently via email, phone, videoconferencing, etc. to facilitate active and productive collaborative discussion and exchange, a minimum of four formal ISSDM Student Mentor Meetings are required as a condition of CRP funding. 

Purpose:  The quarterly mentor meetings are an essential component of the CRP program.  The mentor meetings are used to track the state of the project.  Each project will be determined to be "relevant" or "irrelevant".  Projects that move into an "irrelevant" state are not candidates for the renewal process.  Additionally, projects will be determined to be "progressing" or "not progressing".  Projects that move into the "not progressing" state are also not candidates for the renewal process.  The ISSDM leadership team, which consists of UCSC faculty and LANL staff, will determine the state of projects following each quarterly meeting, and ISSDM will notify the student immediately about any issues in the state of projects to provide everyone with as much warning as possible to allow for the project state to be corrected before the renewal process begins.  The following criteria are used in the selection and evaluation of CRP Projects: 

  •  Promising research
  •  Potential for collaboration with LANL
  •  Potential for future funding
  •  Past and/or future participation in the educational program

The mentor meetings help ISSDM support and evaluate funded projects and to document and communicate the importance and technical success of the work being done.  Los Alamos National Laboratory views these meetings as being a very important part of the program, and they always look forward to and enjoy meeting and interacting with the students.

Student Preparation: The student (and advisor) should come prepared to give a brief overview of their funded ISSDM project and their current progress/project status, including any issues or challenges that they are facing.  The student should prepare view graphs from which to present and as a basis to initiate discussion. 

  • First viewgraph is a title viewgraph that should contain the following information.  CRP project title, names of collaborative team, project short description (1-2 sentence), completed metrics table (included below).
  • Up to three technical content slides to include progress since last meeting, current status, issues/concerns, future work. 

Viewgraphs should be provided 48 hours in advance of Mentor Meeting via email to

  • faculty advisor
  • LANL mentor team, 
  • ISSDM leadership team (Scott Brandt, Gary Grider, Carolyn Connor) 

Bring a copy of the viewgraphs to the Mentor meeting for presentation over the Polycom equipment.   Mentor meeting project presentation combined with the monthly project status paragraphs will provide the basis for the technical discussion. 

Collaborative Research Project Metrics

These metrics are reported to UCOP and others periodically and are used as a basis to demonstrate the success of the CRP program and secure continuing funding of the ISSDM program.

  • Project Title
  • Brief Summary of Accomplishments: (1) Research Result for the period (2) Impact on Campus and Lab missions (3)Statistics
  •  Faculty engaged in CRP Project (list all.  Include title and affiliation)-
  • Student engaged (list all)-
  • Universities engaged in (if multi-university collaboration, list all)-
  • LANL Staff engaged (list all)
  • LANL Organizations engaged (list all)
  • Collaborations
  •  Peer Reviewed CRP project papers submitted/published (give title, authors, full reference, status)-
  • Other CRP project papers submitted/published (give title, authors, full reference, status)-
  • Project presentations, posters, technical reports, etc. (given at conference, workshop, seminar, etc.)  Please indicate type, provide conference/workshop name/month/year, and  give title, author list)
  • Project – related external funding proposals in preparation and/or submitted (indicate status, targeted call, targeted funding organization, collaborating institutions)
  • Patents
  • Copyrights
  • Licenses
  • Degrees enabled
  • Awards
  • Other Accomplishments?  

Note:  Please email copies of papers/posters/presentations/etc. in pdf form to LANL Leadership team so that they can be posted and referenced on the ISSDM web site (

Note:  The funding for the awarded student fellowship is for the current academic year only.  Funding beyond the current academic year will require submission of a renewal proposal in late fall and also requires the following.

  1. The student must be in good stead with the graduate program.
  2. The project must be in a "progressing" state at the time of the renewal process.
  3. The project must be in a "relevant" state at the time of the renewal process.


Please visit the ISSDM web page which lists people, projects, papers, presentations, etc.  and let us know if we have included all of the accomplishments associate with your project.