ISSDM Alumni


Sasha Ames is a PhD candidate in Computer Science advised by Professor Carlos Maltzahn.He pursues his graduate studies while working at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory under the supervision of Dr. Maya Gokhale, through the Lawrence Scholar Program. His research focus is on file system metadata services using a graph data model and query language interface. Prior to his graduate studies, he earned a B.A. in Computer Science at Columbia University and spent several years working in industry.

Portrait of David Bigelow

David Bigelow is a PhD student working on real-time high-bandwidth data management with Professor Scott Brandt, and in collaboration with researchers at Los Alamos National Laboratory.  Before graduate studies at UCSC, he earned a B.S in Computer Science and Mathematics from the College of William and Mary.

Joe Buck defended his thesis "EXTENDING MAPREDUCE FOR SCIENTIFIC DATA" on April 30th, 2014. He has accepted a position with Amazon at their Seattle office. He plans to continue working on the SciHadoop / SIDR code as freetime allows and welcomes opportunities to collaborate on this work.

Joe's research focused on in-situ processing and large-scale storage with the DAMASC team. After graduating from Bethel University (St. Paul, MN) with a BS in Computer Science in 2004, Joe spent four years writing systems level software for enterprise customers at Veritas, now part of Symantec. In... read more

Eddy Chandra received a Masters degree in Computer Sciences in 2009.  He worked with Professor Alex Pang and LANL mentors Jim Ahrens, Katrin Heitmann and Salman Habib.  Eddy is currently a Junior Specialist working on the Optiputer with CITRIS at UCSC.

Damian Eads completed his PhD in Computer Science in 2011 under Professor David Helmbold where he developed new boosting algorithms for object localization. He is now a postdoctoral scholar in the Machine Intelligence Laboratory at Cambridge University.   His dissertation work theoretically and empirically explored new boosting algorithms for combining ensembles of object detectors.  Mr. Eads was previously  employed with the Los Alamos National Laboratory,  working for the Intelligent Searching of Imagesand... read more

Karen Glocer received her Ph.D. in Computer Science  with Professor Manfred Warmuth in 2010. She conducted much of her thesis research at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Tracy received her PhD in Applied Math and Statistics in 2011, under the direction of advisors Herbie Lee (UCSC) and Bruno Sanso (UCSC).  Her dissertation was on  Statistical Modeling for Dark Energy. Her  research was an ISSDM collaboration with Los Alamos National Labs cosmologists Katrin Heitmann, Salman Habib and Ujjaini Alam and statistician Dave Higdon. The collaborative research team worked with Bayesian parametric and non-parametric models to fit non-linear equations to supernova, baryon acoustic oscilliation, and cosmic microwave backgound radiation data to elicit the form of dark... read more

Postdoctoral Scholar, Computer Science
Engineering 2, Room 261

Jeff LeFevre is a computer sciences graduate student.  He is collaborating on the Damasc project.

Esteban Molina-Estolano received a Master's degree in Computer Science in 2011.  He worked on scalable simulation of parallel filesystems with Carlos Maltzahn, in collaboration with Los Alamos National Laboratory. Before coming to UCSC, he completed a B.S. in Computer Science at Harvey Mudd College.

Ian works on the WikiTrust project, who also has a soft spot for coffee. When he is not obsessively monitoring logs or thinking about databases, Ian likes to build cool toys like an Arduino-based networked toaster or spend the afternoon biking around Santa Cruz.

Karl Schnaitter received his PhD degree in Computer Sciences in 2010.  He worked with Professor Alkis Polyzotis.

Photo of Rosie Wacha

Rosie Wacha is a Ph.D. student at UCSC advised by Scott Brandt.  She works with Los Alamos National Laboratory as a member of the Institute for Scalable Scientific Data Management (ISSDM).  Her primary research focus is on how to use SSDs in storage systems.  Before coming to UCSC, she completed her B.S. in Computer Science at Harvey Mudd College.