Rajan is a CS PhD student at UC Santa Cruz and works with Prof. James Davis. His research interests include Human-Computer Interaction, Crowdsourcing, Social Computing and ICTD. His work experience includes Stanford, Microsoft Research, PARC, IBM Research, Google SoC, OLPC, OpenStreetMap and Accenture Tech Labs.

Bo Adler

Bo is a PhD candidate researching reputation systems for online collaborative communities with Prof. Luca de Alfaro and Ian Pye; a live version of their work can be explored using the WikiTrust Firefox plugin.  Besides work at UCSC, Bo is also a researcher at Fujitsu Labs where he has worked on personalized healthcare, natural language processing, and motion interfaces.


Preeti started her PhD and joined the ISSDM in Sep 2012. She is currently working with Dr. Ethan Miller. She is working on Economic Modeling of long-term preservation.

Lucho Ionkov is a Computer Sciences graduate student and researcher at Los Alamos National Laboratory.  He is collaborating on the Damasc project.

I’m a 3rd year PhD student at the UCSC Computer Science Department. I’m a member of the Systems Research Lab, advised by Professor Carlos Maltzahn. Currently, I’m a collaborator of the DAMASC project, investigating ways of fusing data management services with file systems.


Uliana is a second year Ph.D. student working in visualization lab, under the direction of Prof. Alex Pang (UCSC) in collaboration with Katrin Heitmann (LANL) and Salman Habib (LANL). Uliana works on exploring the formation of large-scale cosmic structures. Prior to her graduate studies, she earned a B.A. in Computer Science at Technion (Israel) and spent several years working in industry.

Steven Scher is a phd candidate at UC Santa Cruz, working in computer vision and computational photography.

Los Alamos, NM

Andrew Shewmaker is a member of the HPC Systems Integration team at LANL. He is researching network Quality of Service in support of end-to-end performance management for distributed storage systems with Carlos Maltzahn, Katia, Obraczka, and Scott Brandt.


Noah is a fourth year Ph.D. student working on extreme-scale storage systems and analysis with the DAMASC team. He came to UCSC from the University of Kansas where he worked on process scheduling, custom programming models, and precise performance measurement in Linux.

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I'm now pursuing a Ph.D. under the supervision of Professor Yi Zhang in the Information Retrieval and Knowledge Management Lab (IRKM) at UC Santa Cruz. Before joining the IRKM lab, I got an M.S. from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and a B.E. from the Software School of Tsinghua Unviersity both in Beijing, China.

My research interests include adaptive information filtering, Personalized Recommendation, etc.